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Industrial Heads: The Fear and The Anguish at The End

  1. First [Intro] 1:10
  2. Cancer 5:13
  3. Consequential Damage [v-o mix] 4:30
  4. Moon 2:48
  5. Little Flipper 4:17
  6. Unrated [atb version] 4:59
  7. Machine 5:30
  8. Lovesong 4:27
  9. Dying In the Mist 2:58
  10. The Suffering [edit] 2:42
  11. Fingertips 4:04
  12. Raving Mad 4:11
  13. Fatwa [album] 4:44
  14. The Fear and The Anguish at The End 2:38

Catchy electro industrial in the same vein as most Zoth Ommog bands. Nothing particularly new or innovative just good dance industrial with excellent hooks, vocals, samples, and lyrics. Industrial Heads may have a tacky name but they sure do make good music. The lead vocalist reminds me a great deal of Jean Luc DeMeyer with that illustrious military chant rhythm. A lot of the percussion and programming style bring to mind Claus Larsen of Leaetherstrip in the way successive layers upon layers of sound mesh together into a pounding dance beat that explodes onto the listener. Another very good European electro industrial band.

Industrial Heads are:
Truls Bakken - tecs, noise, lights
Ovar Holmen - vocals, graphics
Lars Madsen - noise, samples
Terje Sannum - tecs, noise, sounds
Thomas Sevaldrud - lyrics, vocals
John-V. Stene - vocals, lyrics, music

Furnace Records
340 Bryant St.
3rd Floor East
San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax (415) 957-0779


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