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Various Artists: Industrial Confusion

  1. Leaetherstrip - How Do I Know - 6:30
  2. Collapsed System - Trapped - 3:21
  3. Second Disease - God's Work - 3:47
  4. In Strict Confidence - Sudorific - 4:05
  5. Lights of Euphoria - Injustice - 4:18
  6. Trylok - Reforce - 3:59
  7. X-Act - Dirty Little Things - 3:58
  8. 1 A.M. - 1000 Beats (Black Mix) - 5:06
  9. Psychopomps - Drunk City (Demo Mix) - 6:10
  10. Edera - Colours of Indifference - 3:57
  11. Klinik - Train - 5:29
  12. Zero Defects - End of.. (Extra Day Version) 5:46

Zoth Ommog seems to be changing it's musical stylings to include more 'techno' influences if this compilation is any indication. Gone are the days of the pure electro sounds of this premire German label. Instead they seem to be focusing on more hybrid bands who incorporate a broader range of electronic genres in their music. However, instead of this being a bad thing, it has actually helped Zoth Ommog avoid the pitfall of becoming stagnant. With the infusion of new acts like Trylok, Zero Defects, and Edera into their roster, they have been able to retain the quality that seems to be waning in other European labels. Zoth Ommog has also preserved such staple acts as Leaetherstrip, Lights of Euphoria, and Psychopomps as well as picking up such Industrial legends Klinik to get their fanbase strong. With all these bands under their belt, Zoth Ommog, and their American licensor Cleopatra will continue to be able to expose this genre with quality music for years to come.

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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