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Individual Totem: Mind Sculptures Flesh

  1. Backlash
  2. Subsistence
  3. Paradoxon
  4. System Interruption
  5. Present Island
  6. 3 Second Reality
  7. Refuge
  8. Depressive Tendency
  9. Flow
  10. Misconducted
  11. Vince

Individual Totem return with their third and perhaps most groundbreaking album, aptly titled "Mind Sculptures Flesh". This time around the German duo has spent a great deal of time constructing this album into such thickly woven layers that they have actually challenged Front Line Assembly for who has the most complex arrangement of music. Another impressive element is the use of heavy processing on almost all movie samples on the album. Regardless of whether this was done to escape a possible legal tangle, the end effect has been that the samples have become more than just context to songs in which they have been placed, but they actually serve as musical elements. Also of note is the bands choice to write slower, almost soothing tracks, and place them alongside some of the more club friendly material. Most bands have a problem with jarring the listener with the juxtaposition of tempos, but Individual Totem performs it with such skill as to make the music flow effortlessly. If "Mind Sculptures Flesh" is any indication of the talent of this band, I am looking forward to any music they may write in the future.

Individual Totem are: Berd Madl & Mathias Knopp

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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