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Individual Totem: S.E.T.I.

  1. Human/Machine Interaction
  2. Radar Trance
  3. Wavicels
  4. New General Catalogue
  5. Remotely Brained Control
  6. Levitation
  7. Abductees
  8. Implicate Order

This release is very hard to pin down, because it's a full-flavored fusion of many different styles which include ambient, ebm, and trance. With the number of styles present, you might expect expect this album to come across like a haphazardous, thrown-together spires of noises and beats or to give off the sensation of being disjointed, but that is not the case. The band manages to convincingly combine all those different elements and still maintain an overall continuity to the album, as well as adding in an outer-dimensional feel to it as well. The track Wavicels is probably the catchiest, with its blend of a strong, infectious beat, subdued, yet treated vocals and flowing keyboard lines. But every song on here could easily be recommended; there are no filler song to be found on this release. While most of the songs are lengthy (only two clock in at under 5 minutes), they never feel as though they should have been shortened. There is just too much to enjoy on each track. (Kevin Congdon)

Individual Totem are: Berd Madl & Mathias Knopp

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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