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Index: Faith in Motion

  1. (ENTER) Nether Days (Out of Time) 4:20
  2. Blush Response 7:53
  3. Mesh Life 4:08
  4. World Processor 1:55
  5. Perfume Sniper (Revox) 4:50
  6. Paradive 7:43
  7. The Model 5:20
  8. Faith in Motion 4:38
  9. Cielo Nocturne 4:18
  10. World Warhead Broadcasting 5:11
  11. Halocaust 3:46
  12. Sovereign Glow 4:38
  13. Ne Plus Ultra 5:12
  14. Megabyss 5:17
  15. Neurodizney 2:33
  16. (EXIT) Future Tense (Out of Time) 4:43

Eric Chamberlin continues to show us on his third album "Faith in Motion" why there is still hope for the American Electro scene. Even after being fired from his job due to a physical conflict, Eric kept right on composing some of the best electronic symphonies on this side of the Atlantic. Of course those of you who think that the use of movie samples has gotten a little old hat with find more than a fair share of them on this album, yet with a refreshing new outlook that should enlighten even the most elitist Electro purist. The thing that makes Eric's music so fresh and unique is that he doesn't really follow any standard composition technique from track to track. He has the uncanny ability to jump back and forth from Science Fiction influenced instrumentals, straight forward clubs tracks, and the odd little cover version of Kraftwerk's 'The Model' with the greatest of ease. So if you are looking for something aurally enlightening and haven't yet discovered Index, check them out because you might be pleasantly surprised at the musical skills that have been hidden away in a small New Mexico town for far too long.

Index is: Eric Chamberlin

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