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Index: Black Light Twilight

  1. Render Godless
  2. Cinder Cinder Girl
  3. Wait For Me
  4. Bliss
  5. Departure
  6. Vesperal
  7. Iconoclast
  8. The Dove
  9. Halcyon Ghetto
  10. Terahertz Dropzone
  11. Quadra Voidria
  12. Hand Over Eyes
  13. Black Light Twilight

With the departure of Cody Cast from Index, the entirety of the musical burden has shifted to Eric Chamberlin and as a result stylistically the project has become very different from their previously material. There is a great deal more focus on string patches and keyboard solos which were used infrequently in the past. Lyrically the music has remained stable as Eric always wrote the lyrics, but now they have been pushed deeper into the mix than ever before. One of the benefits of the changeover has been the increased frequency of experimental pieces and sections of tracks. Eric seems to more comfortable in composing purely instrumental pieces now that his partner has left the project and it is a change for the best. Fans looking for another album like "Sky Laced Silver" will definitely not find it here, but they will find a large amount of similarly evolved material which should satisfy their appetite just as effectively.

Index is: Eric Chamberlin

COP International Records
981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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