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Various Artists: Independence Makes Distribution Difficult

  1. Stink!#Bug - She Said
  2. Cottonmouth, Texas - Handjob
  3. Prison Rape Scenes - Beer, Ammo, Meat
  4. Thermus - Cliques
  5. The Big Train - Spacewalk I
  6. Dead Boy Choir - Condom Sense (Get Drunk & Fuck)
  7. Habitual Sex Offenders - H.S.O. Theme
  8. Bad Hair day - Who Am I Kidding?
  9. Blackie O'Dreada - Down Here
  10. Agony Column - Drink & Fight
  11. Dragworm - Brainwash
  12. Dopehouse _Dog (Star Fucker)
  13. Panzee - Franel
  14. Depressing Flowers - Skin Of My teeth
  15. Southern Discomfort - Tender Ways Of Love
  16. J. Bone Cro - Mother
  17. Nurse - M.D.M.A. (H-Bomb Edit)
  18. Jethro Tilton - Voodoo Summer
  19. Vas Deferens Organization - Dondes Los Medios
  20. Leperchunks - Conspiracy & The Sexhurt (Gratuitous Subtitle)
  21. Scar 99 - Citadel Of Pain (Victim Edit)

I'm not actually sure why this compilation got sent to my magazine for review since it doesn't quite fit into genre I cover, but I'll go ahead and review it nonetheless. True a few of the tracks on the first half of the record at least use synthesizers and sequencers, but I surely would not call it industrial music. More like yet another attempt to include an electronic instrument into dead genre of music and trying to breathe some life into the track. The rest of the compilation consists of little more that below average rock, punk, grunge, and metal bands from all over Texas. While it is true that independence makes distribution difficult, I think musical quality is more a problem in the case of this release.

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