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In The Nursery: Praha 1

  1. Anatomy of a Poet
  2. A Rebours
  3. Bombed
  4. Mystere
  5. Sense
  6. Duality
  7. Hallucinations?
  8. Blue Religion
  9. Scherzo
  10. In Perpetuum
  11. L-Esprit
  12. Miracle of the Rose
  13. Golden Journey
  14. Touched With Fire
  15. Compulsion
  16. Twins

"Praha 1" is the first ever official release of an In The Nursery concert. In this case, the recording was taken from the September 9th, 1994 performance on the band in Prague, Czechslovakia during the tour in support for "Anatomy of a Poet". As a result the majority of the material featured here originally appeared on the three RoadRunner Records releases "Sense", "Duality", and "Anatomoy of a Poet", with a few pieces being taken from older works such as "Compulsion"and "Twins". Prominently featured on this release is the recent female vocal addition of Dolores Maguerite who adds a very feminine appeal to the material that was not present before. Of course the Humberstone twins still perform their fair share of the vocals, but Dolores sings on the majority of the album. Overall the crowd noise is kept to a minimum, and you only notice it during the breaks between tracks. The mastering process has kept the music totally free of errors apart from the occasional missed beat due to the almost totally live nature of the performance. Devout In the Nursery fans will definitely want to acquire this album to add to their collections and new converts will find "Praha 1" to be an excellent live sampler of In The Nursery material.

In The Nursery is:
Nigel Humberstone - live sequences, keyboards, vocals
Clive Humberstone - orchestral percussion, vocals
Dolores Maguerite C - vocals, percussion
Q - military snare

VUZ Records
P.O. Box 170116
47181 Duisburg


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