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In Strict Confidence: Collapse

  1. Die Sieben Siegel (Intro) 3:42
  2. Hero 6:02
  3. Collapse 5:02
  4. Inside 4:48
  5. Heaven's Help (Life Part III) 2:34
  6. Prisoner 4:51
  7. Stripped 5:06
  8. Inside (Inside Out Remix) 5:17
  9. Hero (DJ edit) 5:08
  10. Sad But True 5:16
  11. Hero (reprise) 2:27

In Strict Confidence are back after only a short time with a new eleven song EP that contains three different cover versions of Metallica's 'Hero' as well an amusing cover of Depeche Mode's 'Stripped'. The rest of the material on this EP is brand new so for all intents and purposes "Collapse" really is a full album's worth of material. However don't expect anything groundbreaking on "Collapse" as it follows in the exact same vein as the previous release "Cryogenix", in fact the most original moments present here come from the cover songs. I always get an extreme sense of joy when an all electronic band covers the worlds most notorious monsters of Metal, and these three versions of "Heroes" are no exception. As for 'Stripped', it seems to be lacking in a the melodic vocal style that made Depeche Mode so famous, yet it is much less somber than the original. In conclusion, In Strict Confidence once again show that they can write a solid set of Electro tunes which seems to be more than many American bands these days.

In Strict Confidence are: Dennis Cernibog Ostermann & Jo”rg Schelte

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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