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In Strict Confidence: Cryogenix

  1. Falling Down
  2. Dementia
  3. Inside
  4. Sudorific
  5. Become an Angel
  6. In 2 Deep (Life - part 1)
  7. Burning Angel
  8. Lost in Paradise
  9. Crux
  10. Sinner
  11. Change my Vein
  12. Cryogenic Suspension (2nd Life)

This is pure, solid ebm material which, musically, reminded me a bit of Project Pitchfork with the lush and moody programming; but the overall sound has a harsher and grittier edge to it, in part because of the distorted vocals. The group has a propensity for deep throbbing beats and also moves easily from English to German lyrics and sample bites without leaving a disjointed impression to the album. While they are not presenting a musical sound that is completely original and you can pick out a few comparisons in some places (such as XMTP & ECM), the band still manages to present its own sound throughout each song -- except for the last track which reminded me of cheesy-80's Sigue Sigue Sputnik material. The band also includes a small amount of guitar on a few songs and there are quite a few bands out there who could learn a lot from this demonstration of using guitars tastefully. This is definitely an album you will enjoy more with each listening experience, catching more of the finely crafted subtleties woven into the disc with each listen. As a side note, this album will be available domestically on the Metropolis label in the near future. (Kevin Congdon)

In Strict Confidence are: Dennis Cernibog Ostermann & Jrg Schelte

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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