Album Cover

In Faith: I Live

  1. I Live 4:06
  2. All Right 4:06
  3. Lost 3:27
  4. Be Alone 9:27

At first listen In Faith appears to be one of the first grunge gothic crossover bands. The vocalist could even be distantly related to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. However, upon closer examination all the gothic remnants vanish into a blitz of pop sensibility and upbeat vocals. In fact I am beginning to wonder what made me think In Faith was gothic in the first place. They would be right at home on a Top 40 play list right next to all the other overplayed pop musicians. Don't get me wrong the band is by no means devoid of talent, they just happen to sound like all the other MTV 'alternative' bands that have been shoved down our throats the past several years. They would be right at home in the Seattle post grunge scene that seems to be so trendy these days. Overall the music is extremely accessible and the lyrics are vaguely catchy but pop music simply isn't my cup of tea and thus In Faith ends up being lumped with every other big name band in existence.

In Faith is:
Brian Skene - vocals
Rick Peterson - bass
Colin Adams - guitar
Dan Gamble - drums

In Faith
10 Sedgewick Crescent
Scarborough, Ontario


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