Album Cover

Implant: Soft Flesh-Hard Steel

  1. Intro
  2. Chillout
  3. Fun
  4. Rage
  5. Look-Alike
  6. High
  7. Sect
  8. Love
  9. Spit

This debut release from a Belgian act, while entrenched in the Industrial genre, has a very dancy and diverse influence to it, becoming very trancy and spacy in sections. It also incorporates some well-placed noise elements in many songs as well, and the whole album has an underlying harshness to it; when all of these elements are combined, it makes for a very pleasurable listen. This is an album that is hard to pin-down, on one hand its not completely original, but on the other one it really doesn't sound like anything else I have heard. And this is a blessing because you get something new out of it every time you listen to it. It is also very catchy (and borrowing the lyrics from one of the tracks, "a lot of fun"), but you have to actually concentrate on the music to get the full effect. This is not a mind-blowing release; but it does grab your attention and slowly begins to infect your brain until, after a few listens, you have no choice but to listen to it. (Kevin Congdon)

Implant are:
Len Lemeire
Geert Machtelinck

Khazad-Dum/Celtic Circle
P.O. Box 7113
47601 Geldern


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