Album Cover

Immedia: Overcast

  1. Nightfall
  2. Built To Last
  3. Taken For A Fool
  4. Fades
  5. Paint Me Heaven
  6. Consistency
  7. Within The Storm
  8. Eternus
  9. Fate
  10. So Old
  11. Ghost of a Chance
  12. Weather
  13. Build To Last (Ass to the Sky Mix)

Immedia was the precursor project consisting of a single member who would eventually go on to form Luxt. Musically the mood and genre is a far cry from any of the Luxt material. Overall it is a very dark and gritty synth-pop type band with a few electro elements thrown in for good measure. However it is not upbeat enough to ever see the light of day in the club scene and I have a feeling that the live show probably wasn't anything too spectacular either. Immedia was one of those projects that simply feel between too many genres to have been a success and as a result was doomed to the eventual disintegration that did occur. Yet it is a novelty item simply because Erie Loch from Luxt produced, engineered, sang lead vocals, and wrote a majority of the music on the album. However embarassing Luxt's roots might be with this project, Immedia does give a solid indication of where the band has been in the past and positive pitfalls that have hurdled with the change of personnel and musical direction.

Immedia is:
Erie Loch - keyboard, guitar, vocals
Tracker - drums
Scott Hale - bass guitar

Chalkhead Records
P.O. Box 161645
Sacramento, CA 95816


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