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Ikon: This Quiet Earth

  1. Departure
  2. Subversion
  3. Loving the Enemy
  4. Temple of Light
  5. Ghost in My Head
  6. In Faith
  7. My Shadow of Selfishness
  8. The Shattered Mirror
  9. A Day That Past
  10. Voice of the Sun
  11. Beginning of the End
  12. Die Stille Erd

With "This Quiet Earth", Ikon becomes a full fledged Darkwave band, complete with electronic pianos and lush atmospheres. The predominant guitar of old takes a back step to the programming and bass and is relegated to a rhythm instrument. Half the tracks make heavy use of the piano patches for backing instrumentation as well. Ikon increases the use of both acoustic and digital percussion bringing it to the fore front and using the bass drum to create the overall tempo of each track. Oddly, they even use a Didgeridoo and Aborginal drums on 'Die Stille Erd'. While the band is obviously from Australia, choosing to name the only ethnic track on the album with a German title is downright confusing. Regardless, Ikon does a wonderful job of shaking their musical influences and growing into a sound that is all their own. I just wish more Gothic bands could learn that lesson.

Ikon is:
Chris McCarter - guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals
Dino Melinaro - bass

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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