Ikon: Flowers For The Gathering

  1. Persuasion
  2. Somewhere Else
  3. Life Without End
  4. Stranger I've Become
  5. Into Your Madness
  6. Camouflage Heart
  7. In Trust I Return
  8. Beyond Grey Skies
  9. Call of Despair
  10. On The Trail of Tears
  11. For Eternity

Ikon is an overtly poppish and melodic Gothic trio hailing from Australia. However unlike most guitar centered rock bands, the electronics actually play a central role to the overall mood of the music. While not overpowering, the guitars, which are mostly acoustic, are arranged to mix well with all of the other elements, thereby keeping them from overpowering the lyrics and electronics. Yet, vocally speaking, the band is far from being original. The vocalist has the very stereotypical mellow and angsty male voice that seems to be a staple of Gothic acts across the world. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this record is that it is the first Gothic act to be released on Metropolis Records. In an effort to avoid being stereotyped as only an electro label, Metropolis has begun to diversify and release bands from more disparate musical genres than it's usual roster of artists.

Ikon is:
Chris McCarter - guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals
Dino Melinaro - bass
Michael Carrodus - vocals

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105

E-mail: metropol@voicenet.com

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