Album Cover

Igor Vocksverkah

Side 1

  1. The Foetal Position Song
  2. Voicemonium
  3. Music Of The Mouth
  4. The Boredom Song
  5. Voxwaltz
  6. Shivers Of Negativity
  7. Creep
  8. Oof
  9. Chu Kah

Side 2

  1. A More Meaningful Mundane
  2. The Sleep Song
  3. Mumble
  4. Chatter
  5. Somewhere Inbetween
  6. Out Of One Hole And Into Another
  7. A Little Glimpse Of The Other Half
  8. Maggots

An extremely large number of tiny little tracks which range from annoying little static feedbacks to pieces consisting totally of vocal work to coilesque soundscapes. I'd almost like to see at least a few of these tiny tracks expanded upon and perhaps developed into a full length track. The talent for sound manipulation is evident, but with only thirty seconds glimpses into the this new world one cannot truly grasp the true essence and the meaning. Generally speaking this is a very good sampler and it leaves you desiring more, but the question remains, will we ever actually receive it?

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Princeton, NJ 08542


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