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Idiot Stare: The Hate Cage

  1. Smile
  2. Bob
  3. Number One
  4. The Hate Cage
  5. Ebronics 1
  6. Swine
  7. Saline
  8. Ebronics 2
  9. Angelic
  10. E
  11. Afterbirth
  12. Thorn
  13. This is the Life
  14. Out of the Cage
  15. Know What I Mean?
  16. Smile (Gabber Mix)
  17. Number One (Radio Edit)

The nasty boy quartet from Los Angeles that is Idiot Stare is back with their second effort since their rebirth from the ashes that were STG. This time out they have chosen to wholly embrace the guitar Techno fusion that made their debut album "Blinded" so unique. Of course they still retain a few of their electro roots, but for the most part "The Hate Cage" is a collection of fast paced Techno tracks overlayed with guitars and sardonic vocals. Also included are a handful of short tracks title 'Ebronics' which feature some less than flattering vocal samples that were left on the band's answering machine. Unfortunately, while the music is exceeding original and quite unlike most of the tripe crossover material on the market, it seems to lack any solid hook or catch to it. As a result, "The Hate Cage" is a collection of seventeen mediocre tracks that are screaming loudly into a crowd that is steadfastly ignoring them due to the lack of any standout material.

Idiot Stare is: Chad Bishop, David Ivy, Bruce King, & Alan Premselaar

Bodybag Productions
P.O.Box 4208
Burbank, CA 91503-4208


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