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Idiot Stare: Blinded

  1. To The Head 5:11
  2. Mad Drunk 4:28
  3. Cash Out 4:22
  4. Oranges 3:31
  5. Black Heart 3:47
  6. Now Hear This 5:35
  7. Blinded 3:35
  8. Everything 2:25
  9. False Death 4:28
  10. Copper Eyed Martyr 3:41
  11. The Power 3:26
  12. Fade 4:17

It a damn shame that Idiot Stare had to go and release this album with their own blood, sweat and tears rather than allowing a label to take care of those costs. I still have a soft spot for independent who spend the time and effort to self release such an precise cohesive piece of work but I can honestly say that this is the best unsigned self-release CD that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. When Idiot Stare formed out of the remnants of STG (Screaming To God) about a year ago they had very high hopes for this new project. With the album finally in my hands I can firmly agree that this is also the best work of the aforementioned bands career as well. Gone are the true punk (not Green Day 'punk') guitars, instead replaced with cohesive electronic and guitar mesh. The lyrics have lost their flagrant stupidity and have been replace with well thought out societal value lyrics. The cover and interior artwork by John Bergin of Trust Obey also accent the album. One of the few bands who still can skirt the corporate musical boundary and still produce high quality music finance entirely by themselves and for that them have earned my respect musically.

Idiot Stare are:
Chad Bishop - machines, vox
David Ivy - machines, drums
Bruce King - guitars
Mike Smith - guitars

Idiot Stare
P.O. Box 4208
Burbank, CA 91058
(818) 368-0676


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