Album Cover

Idiot Box: Demo

  1. Bad Things 3:33
  2. Walls of Fear 2:47
  3. This is Chicago 3:48
  4. Visiting 3:06

Idiot Box is one half of the recently disbanded TV Set from Chicago. Calling this band Industrial wouldn't be fair. Instead, Idiot Box is an Alternative solo act sharing a great deal in common with They Might be Giants. The lyrics wander in circles, nonsensical ntil the song ends. The vocals are often very whiney and snide portraying a very blunt and almost rude commentary from the tonality alone. The guitar work and electronics are minimal at best, exhibiting the extremely low budget bedroom studio. Yet, the sound is amazingly very crisp and clear. All things said, Idiot Box would be an excellent band if they could steer away from sounds like a certain accordion duo from New York with a Dial-A-Song hotline.

Idiot Box
555 W. Cornelia
Box 801
Chicago, IL 60657

E-mail: none

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