Album Cover

Hyperdex-1-Sect: Metachrome

  1. Mind
  2. Les Amants
  3. Hear Nothing
  4. Death is Not the End
  5. Mind (X Marks The Pedwalk Mix)
  6. Death is Not the End (X Marks The Pedwalk Mix)
  7. Les Amants (New Mind Mix)
  8. Mind (Empirion Mix)
  9. Death is Not the End (New Mind Mix)
  10. Hear Nothing (Download Mix)
  11. Hear Nothing (Download Dub Mix)

Almost two years after it's initial release in Europe, Hyperdex-1-Sect's debut EP "Metachrome" finally sees a North American release with a handful of exclusive remixes conveniently added. The artwork has also been stunningly re-interpreted, which is often not the case for domestic releases. "Metachrome" consist of four original tracks which start off the EP, followed by seven remixes which vary immensely in style, alteration, and quality. The first track, and arguably the best, is 'Mind' which utilizes a very catchy keyboard sequence as it's primary hook, features vocals by both Jonathan Sharp and Sevren Ni-Arb. 'Les Amants' features the first appearance of Estefania on vocals, and is a bit more mellower in places, even with the up-tempo percussion, mostly due to the melodic keyboards used. 'Hear Nothing' is even slower, featuring oddly enpassioned vocals which are very atypical for Sevren. Lastly is 'Death is Not the End' which, while taking it's time to build, drops into a nicely danceable club track interspersed with slow breaks. As for the remixes, the most impressive on "Metachrome' are those by Empirion and Download. Empirion slows down and radically rearranges 'Mind' into a slow piece that builds over a long period of time into the core elements of the track while Download offers two different version of 'Hear Nothing" that are very heavy on groove and percussion. The EP would certainly be much too short without the additions of these stellar mixes.

Hyperdex-1-Sect is: Jonathan Sharp, Sevren Ni-Arb & Estefania

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117-0100


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