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Hybryds: Tectonic Overload

  1. Memory Doubler
  2. Going In
  3. Lo Tek
  4. Global Net
  5. Password
  6. Download
  7. Brain Wave
  8. Synapse
  9. Noise2Trace (Live)
  10. Tidal
  11. Float

The Hybryds are a male and female duo from Belgium who recently embraced the Power Noise scene with vigor. While primarily known as a tribal act, with assistance from Christian Pallentin of P*A*L, the project has ventured into a dizzying array of aural dissonance. "Tectonic Overload" could also be considered a concept album based on the sheer volume of samples taken from Johnny Mnemonic for which track titles are named and thematic music is written. Each track is a blitzkrieg of rhythmic percussion, ranging from high speed turbulence, to the slow roar of industrial machinery. The Hybryds bring a great deal of musical knowledge to the Power Noise genre avoiding mindless repetition that is common in rhythmic noise acts. Oddly enough what makes this album special is the unique packaging created by SALT of Ant-Zen records. While this release is technically a CD, it is packaged in a LP sized, thick cardboard gatefold, which when opened, contains liner note information and a CD in a digi-pak style CD holder centered on the package.

Hybryds are: Magthea & Yasnaa

Ant-Zen Records
Lessingstr 7A
93049 Regensburg


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