Humyn Plus One: Tornado Feeling

  1. Stomach Rub
  2. Sunrise Eyes
  3. Grump
  4. Outer Space
  5. Heavy Convolutions
  6. Gravity Overlooked Me
  7. Bonus Beat
  8. Gone Lacking Context
  9. Tornado Feeling
  10. You'll See What
  11. Holiday
  12. Strippers

Humyn Plus One strides across diverse electronic music territory on this twelve song demo cassette. At times the percussion fights filtered vocals for dominance, while lush ambience washes by and 'found' sound samples percolate deep in mix. While each element obviously has a purpose in the mind of the composer, the disconnectedness confuses the listener. You feel as if you are on a carnival ride, tossed back and forth between numerous speakers, each blaring a different style of music. Each element swells and fades and hurls your body about in random directions. In the end, you are dizzy, sick, and unfulfilled

Humyn Plus One is: Eric Prada

Aural Fixation
031 SW Caruthers #D
Portland, OR 97201

E-mail: None

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