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House of Wires: You Are Obsolete

  1. Busy
  2. Where is My Mind?
  3. Everything Lies in Ruins
  4. Latency
  5. Breathe
  6. Long Lost
  7. Mother
  8. Tree of Knowledge
  9. Death is a Beginning
  10. When Words Fall
  11. Final Moment
  12. Violin

While House of Wires composed interesting mixtures of Drum'n'Bass and lush keyboard, their vocals simply do not flow with their music. The calculating rhythm of the percussion and analogue warble of the synthesizers sound wrong along side Synth-Pop vocals. The vocals are too sugary sweet and happy for my tastes and for the music. The groove of the music deserves a rap style cadence vocal, not a wimpy Depeche Mode vocalist. While I enjoy the drive, mood and rhythm of the music, the vocals ruin this entire album for me. My suggestion is for the this duo to re-examine the message they want their music to evoke before writing any more new music together.

House of Wires are: John Sonnenberg & Rob Gutschow

Tooth & Nail Records
P.O. Box 12698
Seattle, WA 98111


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