Horton's Wood Shed: cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution

  1. profuse bleeden eden
  2. lilies cometh to life
  3. the loco-locomotive
  4. out of control
  5. anxiety attack ack ak
  6. can't wipe away my grin
  7. I wannabe in the sub
  8. s.o.a.b.
  9. special occasion
  10. take a chance on romance
  11. ftp 'oed /spew
  12. cd d:\industrial\noise\pollution
  13. victory's r friend
  14. so... life goes on

Another tape fresh from the Phildelphia Spirit Exchange where all the music produced is recorded directly from the original preformance where the music and lyrics are written as the music is taped. I guess I must really be missing the point with this whole musical concept. Every song sounds the same. Sure there are subtle differences as the lyrics change and the programming and guitars ebb and flow but underneath the heart of each song the concept of a musical jam is the same. I fail to see where the music is going to go if the artist doesn't take at least a little time to formulate an conceptual vision of the music prior to just rambling out some lyrics and plucking away at the strings. The album just ends up being on long musical jam with fourteen slightly different sections. Anyone can make music off the top of their heads, the real talent lies is taking that music to the listener and identifying with them, not just free form performance. I think the artists should head back to the drawing board and seriously rethink who is the audience for the music, them or the listener.

Phildelphia Spirit Exchange
P.O. Box 994
Blue Bell, PA 19422

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