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Hoodlum Priest: Hoodlum Priest

  1. Can You Feel This
  2. Naked Time
  3. You Know Who I Am
  4. No Fear
  5. Slow and Low
  6. Gas
  7. Addicts
  8. We Walk The Earth

Hoodlum Priest return, after almost five years of silence, with the release of their eponymously titled second album. While technically not an Industrial album, this release is still the best I've heard this year. Hoodlum Priest combine a funky vibe and groove that reminds me of Portishead, but sounds absolutely nothing like them. The album combines an wide array of normally disparate musical elements which includes electronics, movie samples, rap style vocals, acoustic guitars and a live drum kit that work amazingly well together. The music doesn't follow the typical Pop song structure, but much like Pop music, each track has a definite hook that lures in the listener. Whatever magic Hoodlum Priest can access, performs a modern musical miracle that makes this album my absolute favorite, beyond everything else in my album collection.

Hoodlum Priest is: Derek Thompson & Mary Macdelyte

Irislight Records
55 Hawkins Way
St. Columb Major
Cornwall, England


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