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Holy Gang: Free Tyson Free

  1. Free Tyson Free
  2. Get Chained
  3. Power Is My Life
  4. Murder As Religion
  5. Tyson Vs. Washington (F.T.F.)
  6. Sanity Fair
  7. Sanity (Karaoke Ambient)
  8. Sanity B.
  9. Free Tyson Free! (ESPN Mix)

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when this album showed up in the mail. I knew R23 from Front 242 had done vocals on a few tracks on this album, but beyond that, Holy Gang was a mystery band to me, to be honest, I wish it had stayed that way. The music is horribly tacky, with sampled guitars, cheesy vocals, the entire concept lacks any point whatsoever. I'm damn surprised any record company would actually put out such refuse. Not only are the guitars worse than the new FLA, but the lyrics lack any point whatsoever, and the song might be better without vocals or samples, in fact, the songs would be better if they had never made it past the concept stage.

Holy Gang are:
Richard "El Gran Campeon" 23 - Noises, Vocals
J.P. "Hogslayer" Everaerts - Noises
Mark "Bonecrusher" D. - Vocals

Roadrunner Records
536 Broadway
New York City, NY 10012

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