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Holocaust Theory: Inception of Eradication

  1. Rain: Phase 5 (The Six Phases of Holocaust)
  2. As Death Approaches
  3. Cig (Noisex Remix)
  4. Balanced Chaos (Revised)
  5. Dredge
  6. Man Vs. Machine 1A
  7. Cig
  8. Man Vs. Machine 2A
  9. Cold Winters of Holocaust
  10. Man Vs. Machine 3A
  11. As Death Approaches (Vacuum Mix)
  12. Spit of Life
  13. Rain: Phase 6 (The Six Phases of Holocaust)

Holocaust Theory have evolved nicely from a Dark Ambient act to the cutting edge of Power Electronics. While their second album "Inception of Eradication", still contains all of their older musical elements, gritty, rhythmic percussion now dominates. Lyrics are used minimally, with little emphasis on their meaning. Voice is used primarily as another instrument to fill in the empty spaces in the compositional arrangement. Vocal samples continue to play a prominent role on tracks like "Cig" by dictating the setting and context. The album is evenly mixed between fast pace, cadence frenzies that club DJ's will adore and moody, introspective rhythm fests. Holocaust Theory's music perfectly compliments their message. History has proven that man's self-destructive nature is destroying modern society and killing the planet. The themes on "Inception of Eradication" mirror this fact eloquently.

Holocaust Theory is: James Curzon Vietzke & Scott William Beebe

Possessive Blindfold Recordings
2251 Frederic St.
Burbank, Ca 91504


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