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Holocaust Theory: Proclaimed Visions

  1. Cerebral Epidemic
  2. Rain Phase One (The Six Phases of Holocaust)
  3. Black Sky
  4. Darkness Dies
  5. Blood Under
  6. Season of Tears
  7. Fear Within
  8. As She Wept
  9. Troth Below
  10. Rain Phase Two (The Six Phases of Holocaust)
  11. Elysium
  12. Vision

Holocaust Theory is a brand new duo from San Francisco that specializes in dark electronic and ambient dub music. All of the tracks, while big on bass and percussion, are definitely not something for the club scene. Albeit the gothic crowd might be able to move around a bit to the music. All of the material is exceedingly slow, morbid, and heavily textured. Holocaust Theory is a band that would feel right at home on a label such as Cold Meat Industry, if they happened to be lucky enough to be from Sweden. Unfortunately, they are from America, and as such will probably only appeal to an extremely mininal audience. For whatever reason, this type of music doesn't go over rather well domestically regardless of the obvious talent and quality of this release. Yet, I highly suggest interested parties to take a risk and have a listen to Holocaust Theory, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Holocaust Theory is: James Curzon Vietzke & Scott William Beebe

Possessive Blindfold Recordings
2251 Frederic St.
Burbank, Ca 91504


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