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Hocico: Odio Bajo El Alma

  1. Cuando La Maldad Despierta
  2. Odio En El Alma
  3. Beings of Relief
  4. Final Resource
  5. Hell on Earth
  6. Gota De Sangre
  7. Temple of Lies
  8. Sexo Bajo Testosterona (Frenetik Mix 96)
  9. Sad Scorn
  10. Slow Death
  11. Face to Face

Many people have been raving about this Mexican electronic band and it's very easy to see why. They could easily fit into the Zoth Ommog roster with their excellent, fluid programming and harsh, aggressive style of EBM. They are not content to display just one style of music however, instead between moving frenzied-paced, hard hitting floor tracks to more orchestrated, atmospheric soundtrack type of work. They also include a small amount of sounds from their Mexican culture and on the track 'Sad Scorn' they have some strange piano work which brings to mind something from the Old West. The lyrics go fluidly from Spanish to English between tracks without making you feel lost, although the Spanish lyrics seem to bring a thicker feel to the music. The vocalist brings a unique screeching vocal effect/style to the material, which while sounding very demonic also leaves the impression of each and every word being forcibly removed from him like a parasite unwilling to leave its host. Rolling drum patterns and dense synth sequences make this just as enjoyable on the club floor as it is when listening at home. Since I don't know Spanish, I can't say for sure what the lyrics are dealing with on the songs that use that language; but regarding the English-speaking tracks, they paint a very sad and bleak picture of human life and relationships. (Kevin Congdon)

Hocico are:
Racso Agroyam
Erk Aicrag

Opcion Sonica
Concepcion Beistegui 622-3
Col. Del Valle
03100 Mexico

E-mail: none

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