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Various: Hazardous Moving Parts Exposed

  1. Discipline of Anarchy - Incessant
  2. Unit 187 - Crackhead (mix 01)
  3. The Fourth Man - High Plains Castrato (raw meat mix)
  4. Voice Industrie - Sterility (tek one-4)
  5. Children of Atom - Soulstone
  6. Quelle - Active Destruction
  7. Bolt - BallPeen
  8. Tensor & Unit 187 - Tensorvision (crackhead)
  9. Bytet - The Next Step (mix 95)
  10. Daed 21 - Gala
  11. SPM - Recreate Me

This release demonstrates there are some quality acts from Vancouver B.C. (although the band Bytet is actually from Alaska) and that there is more to this city than just the big acts most industrialites are aware of (FLA, Skinny Puppy, Numb). The album is pretty evenly divided into aggressive electro and coldwave tracks and more trippy, ambient instrumental tracks (all except one by Daed 21 which sounds like a fairly standard metal-goth song ). But the whole album seems connected by an underlying harshness and starkness which shows up on each song; whether its the straight-forward harshness of songs by The Fourth Man and Bolt or the built-up tension exhibited in the instrumental tracks by Voice Industrie and Quelle. You definitely can feel the energy and power coming off the heavier tracks, such as the ones by Unit 187 and The Fourth Man, but the more ambient, instrumental tracks come across a little better in terms of creativity on this release. (Kevin Congdon)

Factoria Records
#504 884 Bute Street
Vancouver, B.C.
(604) 683-4326


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