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His Masters Voice: Singing The Boundaries

  1. Singing the Boundaries
  2. The Sky Above
  3. The Earth Below
  4. The Circle

This new His Masters Voice album has been over two years in the making. Conceptually it originated in February of 1995 based upon an Indian legend revolving around numerology. Each track is meant to quantify each of the four prophets who met four angels in this legend. The raw sounds for the music were all taken from contact microphones on wire fences recorded on Indian reservations. Each of the four pieces tell a separate story and have been modified from the original recordings with only minor changes. Musically the album is very surreal, bordering on delusional. The rawness of the wind in the background of the recording meshing with the chanting, and drumming that occurred during the recording make for an intriguing listening. It almost feels as if one is sitting in on a spirit journey that was only made possible through the aid of more modern technology. Definitely an album that should not be missed by ambient experimental and tribal music fans alike.

His Masters Voice is:
Randy Grief - samples & electronics
Jeph Jarman - bass drums, contact microphones on wire fencing, overtone singing, balophones, percussion & flute
R. Kitch - digital signal processing, programming, sequencing, samples, electronics, percussion, guitar, clarinet & tapes

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 1226
Memphis, TN 38182


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