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Hemisphere: Hemisphere

  1. Scetch 5:10
  2. Spaces 6:38
  3. Shape of Things 6:22
  4. Hemusfear 1:28
  5. Jakk on Trak 4:22
  6. Go Direct! 4:39
  7. Scetch (Sexcks - 901 Mix) 9:01

Hemisphere is the newest project from Greg Price, best known for his work with Waiting For God, a band he has recently left in order to focus on this album. Hemisphere is definitely on the edge of the Electronica genre, but which edge remains to be seen. Tracks like 'Scetch' utilize numerous House elements that are a definite throwbacks to the mindless Techno of the 1980's, but tracks like 'Spaces' utilizes classic Trance synthesizers alongside caustic breakbeats reminiscent of modern Drum'n'Bass. Hemisphere seems to be merging the two disparate worlds of Techno and Intelligent Dance Music into a style all of their own. At times this amalgamation works well in the case of 'Shape of Things' with the rippling reverb of its percussion and the acid influences keyboard rhythms. While tracks like 'Jakk on Trak' are just too weird for words, as the musical styles become far too jumbled to make sense of the intended direction of the track. Hemisphere are definitely pioneering some new headspace here, so it only makes sense that a few tracks won't exactly work properly. Hopefully a little practice will refine their musical skills and spare us from some of the chaotic weirdness on this EP.

Hemisphere is: Greg Price & Eric Chalmers

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117-0100


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