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Hellsau: Vain

  1. Gazastrip 1:16
  2. Vain (Long Version) 6:43
  3. Taste (And Spit) 7:32
  4. Feel 4:09
  5. Infiltrate 2:55
  6. Blissed 6:07
  7. Burn (The Kick) 4:23
  8. Brainsyncope 1:33
  9. Taste (Slutrance Mix) 6:58
  10. Defrow (No Sign) 5:10
  11. Meat Two 3:00
  12. Airborne 3:26

When STR left The Swamp Terrorists, the synthcore world was left without one of its greatest composers, but with the release of Hellsau's debut album "Vain", we now know it was for the best. Right from the outset of the album, we can tell that STR has simply been biding his time until the correct moment to release a new project that crosses over into new musical territory. This time around he has amalgamated the pulsating beat structure of the modern Hardcore Techno scenes in addition to his staple of sampled guitars, bizarre vocal samples, and grinding percussion. The result is one of the most aggressive collections of Thrash Techno tracks I've ever witnessed. STR has done what I thought was impossible, creating extremely thick percussion structures based upon standard Drum'n'Bass and Jungle rhythms, and laying guitars on top of them in a way that the power of the music becomes more than the sum of its parts. Hellsau has effectively become a force of nature with the power in its music to tear the roof off any club with a good sound system.

Hellsau is: STR, DJ Killroy & Bruno S.

Via Aretina 240 b/c
50136 Firenze

E-mail: none

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