Heldt: Voyage To Nena IV

  1. To Call
  2. Past The Sun
  3. Glidders
  4. She Whispered
  5. Spin Across
  6. Now I Say Goodbye
  7. Snowy Night 88
  8. Lux
  9. Green Star Gold

Heldt is the progressive electronic side project by the Fallen Hero band member with the same last name. My best guess is that all of the aforementioned bands nonconformist roots lie entirely with this single member if this release is any indication. Eric even goes as far as to cover songs written originally written for Fallen Hero on this release and the end result are more expansive versions. I would even go as far as to place the label of experimental ambient music on this release because it is so far to the left of anything Eric has been involved with before. Enough that it held me interested throughout the the entirety of the release in awe of the difference between it and Fallen Hero. Not to say that Fallen Hero is bad but it simply isn't my cup of tea. Heldt on the other hand is something I can drink cup after cup and be totally refreshed after each sitting.

Heldt is: Eric Heldt

Eric Heldt
608 Franklin St.
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 785-9051

E-mail: luxhero@aol.com

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