Album Cover

Heavy Water Factory: Fluid & Meat

  1. Victim
  2. Painfield
  3. Threat of Aggression
  4. More
  5. Schrech Bild
  6. Charlie Manson Superstar
  7. Embrace
  8. Dialog
  9. Intervated
  10. Verbargen
  11. Victim (Naive mix)

While some bands take the route of keeping dance-oriented material separate from atmospheric-laden material by presenting each style in separate songs, this band's release shows you can effectively combine both into one song and still create a well-crafted, fluid song. Throughout much of this album, the listener is presented with heavy doses of beautiful atmospherics in many songs along with an catchy, ever-present beat. At a few other times noise-type structures replace the more ambient sounds and on a few other tracks they demonstrate their ability to create some impressive straight-forward industrial-dance material. Although their influences show through on some songs (like GTO or Kode IV on Threat of Aggression with its industrialized techno sound; or TKK on More with its raunchy feel and sleazy, aggressive vocals), this release easily stands on its own feet. There is a heavy usage of samples throughout, but instead of sounding like they were thrown in random, they are quite potent in adding to the mood on most tracks. (Kevin Congdon)

Heavy Water Factory is:
Jesse McClear - Hardware
William West - Netware

Graymalkin Productions
OR Heavy Water Factory
P.O. Box 181086
Utica, MI 48318-1086


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