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Haujobb: Matrix

  1. Cross Fade
  2. The Farthest Distance (Remix by Haujobb)
  3. Transformation (Remix by Haujobb)
  4. Clear Vision (Remix by Covenant)
  5. Advanced Deviation (Remix by Haujobb)
  6. Antiversion (Remix by Haujobb)
  7. Depths (Remix by Forma Tadre)
  8. Hyperflow
  9. Amplified Distance (Remix by Steril)
  10. Horizon
  11. Sub Unit One (Remix by Gregcore/Czech)
  12. Monologue

After taking their time with the release of "Solution for a Small Planet", Haujobb certainly have moved quickly with the release of this combination remix and sample CD. While the first disc of this 2 CD set contains a variety of remixes by both Haujobb and other artists on OffBeat records, the second disc contains over 300 samples used to create the original album. The remixes are a wide variety of styles and sounds that share a single common theme of drastically changing the original track so that little remains to identify it. Yet most of these mixes fall into the techno or drum'n'bass categories are are much less suited for casual listening that for a club. Unfortunately they contain such a wide variety of complex programming that even clubs would have difficulty coaxing someone to dance to it. The second disc is also rather worthless unless you happen to be a musician who is keen on swiping Haujobb's sound library for your own nefarious needs. As a result this 2 CD set is a very difficult listen even with the quality of remix talent behind it and even I begin to wonder if Haujobb has lost their edge so soon into their musical career.

Haujobb are: Daniel Myer & Dejan Samardzic

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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