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Haujobb: Solutions For A Small Planet

  1. Clockwise 3:44
  2. Anti/Matter 4:28
  3. Rising Sun 4:13
  4. Depths 4:52
  5. Sub Unit One 3:59
  6. Journey Ahead 4:56
  7. Distance 6:04
  8. Deviation 4:38
  9. Nature's Interface 5:09
  10. Sub Unit Two 3:46
  11. Cleaned Vision 2:09
  12. The Cage Complex 6:20
  13. Net Culture 4:36
  14. Transfer 5:48
  15. Sub Unit Three 6:16

With all the excellent press about the new Haujobb album I was expecting a ground breaking change of style and new programming method, and instead I found a poorly mastered and derivative album in it's place. Ultimately the mastering problems on this disc can't be attributed to the band itself, but surely the borrowed styles and concepts can be. Upon the completion of several close listens, one can distinctly pick out several popular electronic genres of music making the round in Europe, including drum & bass, jungle, and house. However don't get me wrong, not the entirety of the album is completely derivative and consisting of rehashed. Yet enough of it is to make the album lack the punch of previous releases. In any event, Haujobb still remains a few steps ahead of the competition even if they did seem to lose ground with this album.

Haujobb is: Dejan Semardzic & Daniel Meier

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 413-1805


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