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Haujobb: Cleaned Visions

  1. Radio - Active 4:19
  2. Extended Radiation 5:09
  3. Rmx by Scope 5:46
  4. Net Culture (Instrumental) 4:33
  5. Net Culture (File Operation Error) 4:00

'Cleaned Visions' is the first single from the forthcoming Haujobb album with all of the tracks present being remixed versions of the originals. Even from the very beginning of the first track it is distinctly obvious that band has not been content to sit back and rattle off the same style of music as on their last release. Instead they have incorporated new elements such as samples woodwind and string instruments into their already vast music library. This lends several of the tracks to have the feel of a true electronic composition rather than just a haphazardily constructed array of sounds, while still maintaining a very club oriented appeal. Once again it seems as if Haujobb have declared themselves the new leader of the electronic music movement and everyone else will just have to be content to dwell in their shadow. Maybe with luck a few other bands might pick up few pointers and dig themselves out of the musical mire that EBM has fallen into a bit lately.

Haujobb are: Dejan Samardzic & Daniel Meier

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 413-1805


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