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Haujobb: Homes & Gardens

  1. Haujobb's State 5:43
  2. Maternal Instinct 3:43
  3. Yearning 4:49
  4. Eye Over You 3:42
  5. Final Race 3:50
  6. Kilo-Cycle Respirator 4:05
  7. Tame 3:59
  8. Slugbait 4:45
  9. The Flood 5:50
  10. Homes & Gardens (MY-1) 5:25
  11. Skull Fission XXX 4:40
  12. Mediaeval 9:51
  13. Homes & Gardens (Optimized) 5:37
  14. Skull Fission (Not silent) 4:47

The kind of band that wakes you up slaps you in the face and lets you know that electronic music isn't dead. This album would rank in my top ten of 1995, if it hadn't been originally released in 1993 by the German label Offbeat. Try if you will to imagine the mood evoked by such bands as Doubting Thomas or Black Lung when they try to drag you into a world of soundtracks written for movies that do not exist, couple that with traditional electronic dance music and the best use of samples that I have ever layed ears on, and you have Haujobb. This is the only band that I've heard to date that utilizes the three dimensional capabilities of some of the best samplers on the market. In as few words, instead of the samples being buried entirely within the music, or at the forefront of the mix, they appear all over the place, as if a conversation were to be carried out amongst the sample sources with the music coincidentally playing in the background. The word Haujobb itself, is a rough German translation for the occupation of Deckard from Bladerunner, sort of a cross between assassin, cop, and bounty hunter. A definite must for the electronic music enthusiast tired of the same old sound over and over.

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