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Hate Dept.: Release It

  1. Release It (Album Version)
  2. Heaven Trails
  3. Release It (Empirion Mix)
  4. Release It (Amanda Mix)
  5. Release It (Hyperkinetik Mix)
  6. Release It (Dragon Bass Mix)
  7. Technical Difficulties

How Hate Dept. managed to land themselves a deal on a major label like Restless boggles the mind. Nevertheless, this seven song single exhibits that the malice laden Siebold and his Southern California quartet have the talent to break through into the mainstream. The four different remixes of 'Release It' along with the album version are all very club-friendly. Each of the four respective acts, Empirion, DJ Amanda Jones, Hyperkinetik and Family Thing offer unique versions of the title track without straying far from the original masterpiece. Of the two B-sides 'Heaven Trails' is a straight forward guitar rhythmed track full of aggression while 'Technical Difficulties' use of a vocoder and a minimalistic and mellow bass line and arrangement. Overall, "Release It" is a crisply produced single that servers to wet my appetite for a new album due out in early 1999.

Hate Dept is: Siebold, Jeff, Chuck & Mark

Restless Records
1616Vista Del Mar Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90028


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