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Hate Dept.: Omnipresent

  1. The Dead Peddler
  2. Bitch
  3. New Power
  4. Won't Stay Lit
  5. Jump Steven, Jump!
  6. This Doggy Bites
  7. Rejoice
  8. Best Things
  9. I Don't Know You
  10. Dreams of Conspiracy
  11. Thinker
  12. Flesh Feed Soul

Mr. Siebold and company return with a CD that reveals a lot of growth and development from their first CD. There are still plenty of tracks that deliver their classic sounds of anger and spite and still tremendous amounts of energy in their songs. But the band also lets more of their "softer", vulnerable emotions show through on many tracks, as they demonstrated so well on the Mainline EP. While their first release was a little heavier on the guitar elements, this album compellingly mixes together the electronics and the guitar to create a very satisfying disc to listen to. Seibold's vocals often sound less abrasive in many songs and he has added in a bit more subtlety to them this time around, but the lyrics and vocals are still quite hard. Although about half of these songs have already appeared on various compilations or previous releases, most of these particular songs have been reworked or remixed to some degree, so you're not going to feel cheated. (We all know Siebold's one true desire is to be rich and famous, but he's not that much of an asshole - at least not off-stage. (Kevin Congdon)

Hate Dept is:
Seibold - voice, programming
Coby Bassett - guitar, voice
Ryan Daily - keyboards, samples, voice
Charles Hunt - drums, voice
Shawn Sutherland - percussion, voice

Neurotic Records
PO Box 445
Walnut Creek, CA 91788-0445


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