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Hate Dept.: Mainline EP

  1. New Power (Suck Dry)
  2. Omnipresent
  3. Cowgirl
  4. I Don't Know You

With this release it seems Siebold has toned down quite a bit. The songs are definitely less aggressive, both vocally and musically. The first track 'New Power' sounds like classic Hate Dept. with slightly shouted vocals, heavy, but not dominant guitar riffs and the raw aggressiveness you get from their songs. This version includes some background diva vocals and the guitars sound a little more crunchy and metally than the version on Coldwave Breaks. 'Omnipresent' reminds me somewhat of the track 'Drew' on "Meat.Your.Maker", with a little less bite, but a nice groovy baseline in the background 'Cowgirl' is a funny take-off on the Western lifestyle, which includes a great kind of quick-paced distorted jazzy 60's intro, like something you would hear on the old Batman series. It also has some hilarious lyrics and guitar riffs that sound like a combination between metal and country. 'On I Don't Know You', and to a lesser extent on 'Omnipresent', Siebold actually sings for the most part, rather than screaming out his lyrics. This last track is a very sad and emotionally moving song, largely a result of Siebold's singing and the keyboards which give me the impression of raindrops silently dropping to the ground. The lyrics are still bitter throughout most of the tracks, but the music showcases a nice contrast between mellow, emotionally filled tracks and hard-edged aggressive tracks. (Kevin Congdon)

Hate Dept is:
Seibold - voice, programming
Coby Bassett - guitar, voice
Ryan Daily - keyboards, samples, voice
Charles Hunt - drums, voice
Rob Robinson

Neurotic Records
P.O. Box 445
Walnut Creek, CA 91788-0445


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