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Various Artists: Hard Industrial Work

Disc 1:

  1. Birmingham 6 - The Kill
  2. Godheads - Shameless
  3. Lights of Euphoria - Revenge
  4. Good Courage - The World Will Go On
  5. Decoded Feedback - No Way Out
  6. Consequence - Reliance
  7. Suiciety - Manslaughter
  8. Controlled Fusion - Hidden Thoughts
  9. Digital Factor - Falling Down
  10. Neotek - Into Silence
  11. T.H.D. - Release
  12. Luc Van Acker - Snowstorm

Disc 2:

  1. Good Courage - Did I Deserver This? (Leather Strip Mix)
  2. Birmingham 6 - Policestate (Mature Bite Mix)
  3. In Absentia - Fuck-Die (Short & Kinky Disco Mix)
  4. Lights of Euphoria - Subjection (Violent Mix)
  5. T.H.D. - Hypo (Displacement)
  6. Digital Factor - Electroshock (FactoRymix)
  7. Brain Leisure - Teknology (Bass Edit Mix)
  8. Max M - EuroTrash (CD Mix)
  9. God Heads Come Back (T.H.D. Remix)
  10. Good Courage - Electric Spanking (Pussy Whipped Mix)
  11. Lights of Euphoria - Show Me Your Tears (AB vs. IH Remix)
  12. Birmingham 6 - Birmingham 6 (Retaliation Mix)

Disc 3:

  1. Godheads - Craving Affection
  2. T.H.D. - Actik Mindfuck
  3. Lights of Euphoria Subjection (Euphoria Mix)
  4. Good Courage - Electric Spanking (S/M Mix)
  5. In Absentia - Comprehension
  6. Suiciety - Renegate
  7. Godheads - Body Factory
  8. Birmingham 6 - This Girl
  9. Max M - Atomic Playboy
  10. Good Courage - I'm Not There (Extended Mix)
  11. T.H.D. - Hypo (Transform Mix)
  12. Lights of Euphoria - Deal in Sex (Protection Mix)

While brilliant in formula, the conceptual execution behind "Hard Industrial Work" leaves a great deal to be desired. The idea behind this compilation is that the first disc contains original cuts by twelve artists, the second contains remixes, and the third disc contains both rare and unreleased tracks. The problem is, because the selection of artists is limited to the fifteen artists in the Hard Records back catalogue, the music begins to sound redundant. Most of the problem is that far too many of the remixes and rare tracks are simply reworked tracks taken from the original disc. As a result, the entire first disc is a total waste of time and effort and should not be included.

The remaining music that is left is where we see the real action. The highlight of the compilation has to be the T.H.D. tracks, not only because the band was dropped from the label over a year ago, but the fact that rare & unreleased tracks are some of their best material ever. Unfortunately, the ultimate Nine Inch Nails clone, otherwise known as Good Courage, also gets the same preferential treatment, and we have to hear more trite clones of Renzoeresque drivel. Overall the compilation is great for people who haven't experienced anything on the Hard Records roster, but for those of you who already own the entire back catalogue, you might as well save your money.

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