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Hanzel & Gretyl: Ausgeflippt

  1. Star System Wolf 424
  2. O Gemini
  3. Galaxia Malakia
  4. Shine 2001
  5. Stress Pill
  6. Dementia Solaris
  7. Meisterfrau
  8. 38 Lashes
  9. L'Experience des Difficutes Technique
  10. Watch TV Do Nothing
  11. Essen Sheissen und Geld Machen
  12. Apa Mare
  13. Umbra Penumbra

This band sounds very little like their labelmates Bile. The whole album seemed to be unfolding an alien or galactic story to the listener, with the future and space being a big theme throughout many of the songs. The band shows some originality by using different languages throughout the album; mainly German, but some French, Italian and one or two others thrown in as well. The band incorporates a lot of different elements throughout the album; so if your expecting straight-ahead electro-industrial album, this is not it. There are some songs similar to their track on the Chaos Compilation (Shine 2001 - which appears on this album in the same form), and many of the songs come across with the same aggressiveness, but they do not limit themselves to this style. The styles this band uses range anywhere from Mexican to ambient to loungy-type moody stuff. However, the album does have somewhat of a "punky" feel throughout, but be assured, when guitars are incorporated into a song, they never drown out any of the other ingredients. The entire album gives an overall impression of being very catchy and bouncy. (Kevin Congdon)

Hanzel und Gretyl are:
Vas Kallas - lead vocals, guitars
Lupie - programming, guitars, backing vocals

Energy Records
545 Eighth Ave. 17th floor
New York, NY 10018


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