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Halomaker: Self-Infected Creep

  1. Fleshface
  2. Body of Scars
  3. Silver Lined Hurt
  4. Everything Is Let Down
  5. Self-Infected Creep
  6. Accelerate
  7. Cleansing
  8. Unit It Bleeds
  9. Last Soul Lost
  10. Regret Me
  11. One Last Hope

Rodent of Halomaker is well on his way to becoming one of the more prolific Electro Industrial artists with the release of "Self-Infected Creep" mere months after his musical debut of "sufferthiswish". Fortunately he has put his time to excellent use and this new record exhibits a massive increase of musical cohesion and programming skills. As a result the tracks on "Self-Infected Creep" are much more focused. This is not to say they have become linear and one-dimensional, but rather that there has been a great deal more forethought put into the selection of percussion, strings, and samples this time around. Ultimately this makes for a well put together songs that have now started to exhibit their own little sparks of originality and blossom into a very mature album. The only downside of this album as that while each track is jam packed full of dense layers of music, there is just too much going on to make this album work in a club environment. This is a shame because several of the tracks on "Self-Infected Creep" could really work in a club if they were stripped down just enough to allow someone to maintain a dance rhythm.

Halomaker is: Rodent EK

P.O. Box 66119
Los Angeles, CA 90066-0119


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