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Halomaker: Sufferthiswish

  1. In The Apart
  2. Bipolar
  3. Twisting Last Rung
  4. Pushed Off
  5. Down My Throat
  6. Wonderful
  7. Nothing Inside
  8. Little Things
  9. Left With The Core
  10. Blank Black Hole
  11. Starting Again

It seems as if Halomaker has been taking programming lessons from Trent Renzor by packing more dense layers of percussion than most human auditory devices can distinguish. The comparison ends there as Randy jettisons any angst he might have had for, focusing instead on some odd personal journeys into his inner psyche via his lyrics. Each track, while syntactically sound and musically original, ultimately fails hook the listener into wanting to listen to it again. As a result, while a brilliant technical album, musically it dies as it leaves the starting block. It lacks any punch, hook, or lure that would make me want to listen to it more than once. Definitely a shame because the talent is present, albeit the song writing could use some work to keep the album from being such a bore.

Halomaker is: Rodney Kusano

P.O. Box 66119
Los Angeles, CA 90066-0119


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