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Haloblack: Funkyhell

  1. Distractor 5:18
  2. Regulator 4:20
  3. Nympho 4:51
  4. Lovesick 5:10
  5. Drylips 4:33
  6. Bounded 1:52
  7. Fragment 3:42
  8. Resonance 3:29
  9. Seduction 3:04
  10. Into Tension Filter 3:45

Unfortunately it seems that Haloblack's newest release is anything but spectacular. In fact the only gratifying element of the album is that guitars are almost totally absent from the album. Overall there seems to be two reason why this album is less that stimulating. The first is because the "Funkyhell" doesn't make any musical move forward from the previous album "Tension Filter." The second is the subtle fact that that every track on the album is constructed in exactly the same manner. There is zero deviation in the whispered vocal arrangement, all of the percussion loops are extremely stifled, and many of the sounds are reused from track to track. I can't help but wonder exactly what the motivation of writing this album was. The only thing it seems to exhibit is a lurid fascination with a minimalist construction technique and the attempted use of only a finite number of sounds in the overall composition of the album. The again, perhaps I was just expecting just a little too much from an artist's whose initial demo tape was nothing short of astounding.

Haloblack is: Bryan Black

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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