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Haloblack: Tension Filter

  1. decay 3.03
  2. everything inside 3.29
  3. taken over 3.14
  4. no chance control 4.20
  5. deep into the holes of my soul 4.20
  6. balance 3.59
  7. nothing to lose 4.07
  8. surge 2.20
  9. it's bizarre 4.10
  10. you bleed me 3.33
  11. (hidden track) 6.02

Having anxiously been awaiting this release ever since Bryan Barton sent me several tracks on a promo cassette, I wasn't disappointed. Bryan manages to bring a guitar into his music with a depth and a sound that only people like Trent Renzor can dream of. Sure, the NIN parallels are all over this album, including a track that I'd swear was Trent on vocals, but overall, this album blows it's closest comparison out of the water with sheer depth, power, and stark originality. I particularly enjoyed the hidden track and the end of the CD which reminded me of my favorite Ministry track of all time, "Fucked", with it's sheer grating, annoying, electronic grinding. I highly recommended this album to all the Nine Inch Pansy fans out there who seem to think that Trent actually has talent.

Haloblack is: Bryan Barton

Fifth Column Records
PO Box 787
Washington DC, 20044


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