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Various Artists: Guru Means Slayer of Darkness

  1. Illusion of Safety - Cracks Appear - 19:59
  2. Hands To - Remembering - 25:30
  3. Beequeen - Atem - 21:07

This album while technically a compilation is actually a musical experiment conducted by Illusion of Safety, Hand To, and Beequeen. Each band is exploring in their own unique way the use of the absence of sound in a track much in the same way John Cage utilized the sound of the audience in his classic '4:33'. The premise is that while the primary effects of a composition of music is to experience the artists ability to manipulate abstract pieces of sound into a single cohesive element there also lies the notion that without the absence of certain distinct sounds that track cannot exist. Music plainly put is organized noise and when it fails to retain any type of structure or fabrication it is no longer music but only noise. By utilizing the often unnoticed truancy of certain sound elements each artist how to be able to better understand the composition of what is commonly defined as music. A good example would be to take an track of music and for each note on the scale, flip it totally in reverse, playing white noise generated by a air compressor or a Verdi Opera. Simply listening to this album doesn't give us all the answers but it allows us to expand our minds towards a new method of thinking that we may have not experienced before.

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