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Gary Numan: Exile

  1. Dominion Day 4:50
  2. Prophecy 5:05
  3. Dead Heaven 5:22
  4. Dark 4:30
  5. Innocence Bleeding 4:25
  6. The Angel Wars 5:05
  7. Absolution 4:59
  8. An Alien Cure 6:09
  9. Exile 6:47
  10. Down in the Park (Live) ?:??

Synth-Pop phenomena Gary Numan returns after a several year hiatus with a new album distributed in the US by Cleopatra Records. It doesn't take very long to realize that Gary has certainly been putting the downtime to good use. "Exile" while not really an Industrial or Synth-Pop album, consists of a fine balance between the two genres. The electronics lack the sacchriney sweetness usually associated with Synth-Pop, yet still are written with the usual stanza, chorus, stanza, chorus, bridge, stanza, chorus that is the staple of Pop music. What I enjoy most about this album is the richness is Gary's vocals. Gary uses only a slight vocal modification throughout the album which adds just enough depth and tone to his voice to make it sufficiently evil without forcing him to shout his lyrics. The one odd thing about this album is the persistent Christian influence on the lyrics. Numerous tracks discuss angels, religion, persecution, and absolution. Yet the meaning behind the lyrics remains sufficiently obscure as to wonder if "Exile" is meant to be to a concept album, or simply a reflection of Gary's current religion of choice.

Cleopatra Records
13428 Maxella Ave #251
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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